There is so much to do and see in the relatively small region of Istria on the northern Adriatic Coast. Visit the area for its natural beauty, beaches, history or world-famous food and experience the holiday of a lifetime!

Rabac brings together the best of Istria’s blue and green landscapes – sea breezes and the scent of salt meld with rolling hills and rocky outcrops giving you a wealth of holiday opportunities, peace and quiet, beachfront lounging or adventure and action. A holiday in Rabac puts numerous possibilities at your fingertips and your only task is to decide which you will combine to make your holiday a memorable one.



This sleepy fishing village on the rocky eastern coast of Istria has over the past fifty years become a vibrant town with pristine beaches and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

A vibrant town centre offering food and wine delights - enjoy a cappuccino while watching the harbour or dinner with family as the sun sets over the sea – Rabac brings together pleasure and beauty.

Pristine Beaches for a Holiday in the Sun

Local beaches are equipped with deck-chair and parasol rental services and offer the possibility of renting various sports equipment. Rabac’s beaches are known for their crystal-clear waters and exceptional quality, for which they have been awarded the Blue Flag for Sea Quality.

Beaches also host numerous classes and activities for all ages. Ask about special programs for children and seniors too! In addition, lifeguards are on duty throughout the day, ensuring your safety as you and your loved ones splash in the deep blue.

The region of Istria

Throughout its history Labin, located only a few kilometres from Rabac, has been a city of open-minded artists and hardworking labourers. The summer months are filled with special events for visitors including music, educational and art festivals, bringing visitors to the small villages that surround Labin itself. Take some time to research the events going on during your visit, or plan your visit around the interesting events the area has to offer and fill your days on holiday with interesting and inspiring events.


Arriving by sea or by land, the Old Town of Rovinj presents itself surrounded by beautiful blue sea and crowned with a hilltop bell tower. Fishing boats in the harbour and local architecture with Venetian flavour provide a romantic backdrop for memorable days and nights in this very special city. Enjoy a candlelight dinner or evening stroll through the narrow streets with an ice cream cone in hand stopping in to see the many artists’ studios on Grisia Street.

The Brioni Islands

Austrian nobility were the first to discover the beauty of this archipelago of islands located off the coast of Pula in southern Istria, and since then international celebrities and politicians have been flocking here to rest and play. Explore this National Park by bike or on foot, swim in the crystal-blue seas and observe the exotic animals that call the islands home. You can also catch a production by the world-famous Ulysses Theatre during the summer months.

Lim Channel

This protected natural area is home to numerous traditional shellfish farms and is the perfect place to try the freshest mussels and oysters. Dotted with caves that lead you into the world of stalactites and stalagmites, you can enjoy the cooler temperatures underground. Local producers sell their wares above the valley, dotted with special wooden structures offering stunning views of the coastlines of Rovinj and Poreč.


Istrian cuisine was recently put “on the map” yet again by American chef Anthony Bourdain, although he was not the first to recognise the potential Istria offers. Many local restaurants boast Michelin stars and international awards, melding their dishes with quality local wines. Find out what is in season during your visit and treat yourself to a meal to remember at one of Istria’s fine restaurants.

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Anthony Bourdain in Croatia

Well-known American chef, TV personality and travel writer, author of the Emmy Award winning show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” visited Croatia recently and left absolutely aghast that it had taken him eight seasons of his famous TV show to discover the culinary gem that is Istria. Follow him on his journey where he spends significant time in Istria tasting oysters, mussels, the distinguished white truffle and other fish and meat dishes.

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